Here's what our customers say about our products...

"I bought a few of these when I ordered a new set of living room furniture, and my three cats love these scratchers! They have not put one claw on my new couch. Highly recommend!" - Sasha

"I love that there are so many color options for these. The one we purchased was a near-perfect color match to our couch. It almost sort of blends in, so it doesn't look too bad at all. Also, it was super-easy to assemble. All you need to do is screw the base to the top, and they even give you some little pads to stick over the screws once they are in there, so they won't scratch the floor. We placed the leg of the couch over it, and it is pretty sturdy. So what's the best part? We have saved our couch! Hooray! I was so happy with our first one, I ordered two more the day of the delivery. So thankful for this product!" - Paula

"These are awesome, they go with our furniture perfectly and you really hardly notice them. My cats have stopped scratching the couch, I just bought two more for a chair I have in the living room." - Courtney

"Holy crap! LOVE & so do my two young cats. Not one claw mark on my brand new sofa and they used to scratch my old one all the time. It's pretty cute too because they still feel like they are not suppose to scratch the couch and don't realize they are scratching Mommy's new addition to her couch ;)" - Jaq

"These are amazing! I just purchased all new furniture. All my 8 cats have their claws as they should.... They use these religiously. There are worth the money! I have 6 of them." - Lynn

"This has literally saved my black leather couch! I have a new cat who decided that my couch was her favorite scratching post . . . she got around every other solution I tried (sprays, foil, blankets, etc). Using this scratching post both blocked her access and gave her an alternative; and, as a bonus, it doesn't look ugly in my living room. Success!!" - Ann