About Us

Our Mission

Shield and protect valuable furniture, compliment any décor, encourage positive, healthy behavior for cats.

The Sofa-Scratcher has come a long way.  The earliest model, ‘The Couch Corner Protector’, first came on the scene roughly 15 years ago.  Back then it was just one small piece of a much larger product line comprised of hand-made cat trees and scratchers. A local breeder and her husband introduced it to the New York Metropolitan Area market and as their design evolved over the years, they sold plenty of them at regional cat shows and in local pet stores.  But there were some flaws in it which, when coupled with the lack of widespread exposure, lead to countless shredded couches and armchairs. Sadly, their upholstery never stood a chance!

Then came the spark in 2014, when a couple of guys in Jersey saw some real potential in the superior quality and craftsmanship of the American-made product line and breathed some life into the fading business.  Under new ownership, CatTrees.com was soon launched and ‘The Duchess of Sofa-Savers’, as it would soon be called, finally got the face-lift and exposure it deserved. 

With its’ design flaws a thing of the past and the market for it now a national one, ‘The Duchess’ took off. The challenge that cat households everywhere had previously been facing unarmed, finally had a solution.  Protect furniture, encourage healthy scratching behavior, and do it with style?  No problem.  

A few more years, a few more modifications and a few thousand more satisfied customers later, and ‘The Sofa-Scratcher’ now stands on its own as the ultimate guardian of the couch corner, capable of saving sofas one scratch at a time!

Products evolve, businesses evolve, and so do people.  At Sofa-Scratcher, it's the teamwork of Tony, Thomas, Patricia, Anthony, Cliff, Russ and Jeff who make it all happen.  Many others have contributed along the way and while some of the faces may have changed, our beliefs in never sacrificing quality or safety in our products, in fulfilling our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and in the importance of making it in America remain as strong as ever.

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