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Damage-Free Wall-Scratcher

Attach ‘n’ Scratch is a flat sisal-covered scratch-panel designed for easy, damage-free wall-hanging...again and again and again! Simply peel and stick the damage-free hanging strips to your wall for instant scratchability...and one scratch-happy cat!

With a slim profile that hangs on the wall and out of the way, Attach 'n' Scratch blends in, rather than standing out like most cat scratchers...and with six different neutral colors to choose from, matching or accenting the décor of any room is never a problem. 

Can’t decide what wall to put it on?  Want to take your furbaby on the road?  No problem.  Just pick up a few extra hanging strips at a local drug store, pop off your Attach ‘n’ Scratch and move it from room to room…and that includes your hotel room!

The included damage-free wall-hanging strips are strong enough to hold up to some rigorous scratching, but if reinforcement or an alternative hanging method is desired, standard wall-hanging hardware is also included.

Product Features:

  • 18” x 6” sisal-covered scratch-panel
  • Felt and pressed wood backing
  • 4 Damage-Free Wall-hanging strips
  • Wall-hanging hardware
  • Hanging Instructions

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 2 Lbs.  
  • Dimensions: 18” H x 6" W x 2" D
  • No Assembly Required

Production Materials/Process:

  • Exterior: Pure, unoiled/untreated, odor-free/toxin-free woven sisal fabric
  • Backing: Felt padding and pressed wood
  • Interior: Pressed wood
  • Assembled using well-hidden hardware (never glue/adhesives)
  • 100% approved by veterinarians, breeders and fanciers
  • Hand-Made From Scratch in the USA

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